About Me

Leading, creating and guiding vision-aligned organizations, services and technologies to have a positive impact on learners, leaders, workers, educators and consumers — that is what I strive to do.

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My career journey has been a winding path that began in digital media, traversed emerging and enterprise technologies, extended into leadership and is now centered on digital transformation. Through it all, I’ve followed a simple philosophy: “people first, technology second.”

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As a consultant, I spend much of my time capturing concepts and describing approaches in text and visuals. Fortunately, some of what I’ve written can be seen outside of a client context.

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Sharing thoughts, perspectives and experiences and more importantly, engaging in dialogue with others are essential elements for learning and adopting quality practice.

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When it comes to “creating” in a professional sense, I tend to draw two elements together — developing myself and applying experience to projects that cross boundaries and transform thinking.

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