Learning, whether formal or informal, plays an ongoing and important role in my life and career. This section summarizes range professional development and learning opportunities that I’ve participated in over the years.

Professional Development

  1. Workday Student Certification
    (2018-present) Workday. Certification in Workday Student Core and Student Recruiting & Admissions
  2. Solving Wicked Problems with Design Thinking
    (2017) Mission design workshop. NASA/JPL
  3. Information Technology Leaders Program
    (2005-2006) MOR Associates. A year-long leadership development program tailored to higher education that included participants from the University of Chicago, Pennsylvania State University, MIT, and Stanford.
  4. Cybersecurity Issues for Higher Education CIOs
    (2005) EDUCAUSE Conference Seminar
  5. Art of Mentoring
    (2005) EDUCAUSE Conference Seminar
  6. Project Management
    (1999) EDUCAUSE Conference Seminar
  7. Management Training Program
    (1999) University of Chicago
  8. CAUSE Institute Management Program
    (1998) EDUCAUSE Institute
  9. Intermediate Digital Compositing
    (1996) Sony Pictures/Imageworks & Digital Domain, ACM-SIGGRAPH Conference Tutorial
  10. Introduction to Digital Compositing
    (1996) Sony Pictures/Imageworks & Digital Domain, ACM-SIGGRAPH Conference Tutorial
  11. Introduction to VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
    (1995) NASA Ames & Silicon Graphics, ACM-SIGGRAPH Conference Tutorial
  12. Designing Effective Interfaces for Multimedia
    (1995) Aaron Marcus & Associates, ACM-SIGGRAPH Conference Tutorial
  13. Volume Visualization Techniques
    (1994) ACM-SIGGRAPH Conference Tutorial
  14. Introduction to Scientific Visualization
    (1994) ACM-SIGGRAPH Conference Tutorial
  15. Virtual Reality for Visualization
    (1993) NASA Ames Research Center and Columbia University, IEEE Workshop on Virtual Reality


  • Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
    (1987-1991) Bachelor of Arts (cum laude), major in mass communications with a minor in graphic design