About Me

Leading, creating and guiding vision-aligned organizations, services and technologies to have a positive impact on learners, leaders, workers, educators and consumers is at the core of what I do.

Rooted in a philosophy of “people first, technology second,” I guide organizations toward what’s possible, and lead people to learn, grow and achieve goals through human-centered design, process transformation and applied and emerging technologies. I am passionate about discovery and learning, and seek ways to develop people and organizations to face unforeseen challenges and disruptions with the confidence to work through and partner with others to find paths to success.

My skills, abilities and interests focus on the critical execution and exploitation of technology — regardless of type, form or organizational level (C-suite and senior leadership to departments and teams) — to transform and positively affect change by:

  • Leading organizations toward vision-aligned outcomes
  • Growing cultures of innovation and transformation
  • Translating vision into actionable strategies
  • Assessing and managing change
  • Defining and guiding service delivery
  • Framing and driving technology alignment and governance
  • Crafting employee, learner and consumer experiences
  • Building culturally-aligned organizations and services
  • Constructing shared processes, standards and infrastructure
  • Fostering growth of strategic partnerships and relationships
  • Driving investment and resources toward attaining strategic goals

How did I get here? Many years ago I went to college seeking a career in communications and media, but life took me down a different route and I’ve spent decades traversing the intersection of transformational technology, ubiquitous access, learning and research, service design and delivery, and digital media. My professional career began as a Macintosh platform consultant, grew into advertising and creative design, expanded into research and education, shifted into enterprise technology leadership and global service delivery, and returned to consulting as a driver of innovation, transformation and change for clients in the aerospace, education, entertainment, government, military and research sectors worldwide.

I like to think of myself as a technologist and strategist, wrangler and leader, and a critical and creative thinker who examines multiple perspectives and topics to find appropriate ways to make things happen through shared effort and investment. I strive to balance vision and aspiration with capability and risk that often span and transcend solutions, products, services and organizations.

If you find my experiences, background and/or perspectives intriguing, feel free to contact me. I am happy to explore what’s possible.