Creating and engaging in projects and initiatives has played an important role in how I think about technology and its ability to transform organizations and operations.

While not an exhaustive list, this section summarizes a subset of projects and grant-funded initiatives that I’ve been involved with, initiated or led. In addition to “creating” things professionally, I also engage in a number of personal creative and artistic endeavors in music, photography, short films and hobbyist product design. Other than the images of me, all photographs used within this site have been taken by me.

Major Initiatives & Projects

  1. George Mason University Student Experience Redesign
    (2016) Within the Strategy & Transformation practice at Blackboard, co-led the strategic redesign and roadmap development for a reimagined student experience at George Mason University by applying both design-thinking and traditional consulting practices and principles.
  2. Internet2/Blackboard Net+ Service Validation Project
    (2014) Project with Internet2 to define and offer a Blackboard service through the Net+ program. Joint effort with Blackboard, Internet2, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Texas – Arlington, University of Maryland – Baltimore County, and Cornell University.
  3. Education 2020
    (2013) Member of the Blackboard corporate strategy team that concentrated on the impact and future of mobile on education and the evolution of the company and its products, technologies, and services.
  4. University of Chicago Logan Center for the Creative & Performing Arts
    (2007-2010) Working closely with the Provost’s Office, Humanities Division, Midway Studios, Facilities Services, TWBTA and others, participated as an active member and IT leadership liaison in the design and construction of the Reva & David Logan Center for the Creative & Performing at the University of Chicago.
  5. University of Chicago Language Center
    (2005-2008) Engaged with the College, Humanities Division and the Registrar to reimagine and design a flexible, technology-enabled and pedagogically-aligned environment tailored to language teaching and learning at the university.
  6. University of Chicago USITE/Crerar Computing Cluster & CyberCafé
    (1999-2000) Joint project with the John Crerar Library and Facilities Services to design and construct a pioneering multipurpose learner-focused collaboration, digital media and student computing environment within the science library at the University of Chicago.
  7. University of Chicago Media Classrooms & AV Services
    (1997-1999) Working closely with Registrar, Provost’s Office, College, Social Sciences Division, Humanities Division, Physical Sciences Division and Facilities Services, established a campus-wide standard, designed and installed the initial wave of media classrooms across campus and established the first campus-wide AV service in support of learning and teaching.
  8. Humanities Computing Roundtable
    (1998-2002) Joint effort with the University of Chicago and Northwestern University to explore technology use in the humanities.
  9. docuSPACE
    (1995-1997) Project Manager. Developed with Valerie Archambeau and Elizabeth Bartley. Conceived, developed and implemented a metadata-driven Web-based knowledge management and publication workflow system for self-guided user support and IT help desk services.

Grant-Funded Projects

  1. Bamboo Planning Project
    (2008-2010) Principal Investigator & Director, co-led and co-PI’ed with UC Berkeley. Bamboo was a cloud and shared services planning project that brought together 500+ faculty, researchers, computer and information scientists, librarians and campus information technologists from 100+ colleges, universities, foundations and companies from around the world to collectively tackle the question of how a diverse community of scholars and professionals could enhance arts and humanities research with global, enterprise-grade shared technology services. Joint $2.4M project co-led/co-PI’ed with the University of California, Berkeley and funded in part ($1.3M) by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  2. Enterprise Service Bus Evaluation Project
    (2006-2007) Project to explore the application of and requirements for an enterprise service bus that would apply both to academic and administrative information technology needs. Led by Carnegie-Mellon University and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  3. Sun Microsystems Technology Grant
    (1998-1999) Hardware grant to explore the use of thin-client technology in teaching and learning.
  4. IBM SUR Grant for Internet Applications
    (1996) Participated in a joint award with Argonne National Laboratory to explore Internet technologies and services. Implemented the docuSPACE system (see below) as part of the project.
  5. Scribe© Manuscript Viewing Environment
    (1994-1996) Software Developer. Created in conjunction with the Electronic Beowulf Project and the British Library; co-authored with Kathryn Powell and Deborah Coombs (University of Notre Dame). Pilot to develop a Macintosh-based tool for viewing and annotating medieval manuscripts; some functionality was incorporated into Kevin Kiernan’s Electronic Beowulf CD-ROM (London and Ann Arbor: The British Library and the University of Michigan Press, 1999). Funded in part by the University of Notre Dame.

Personal Creative Endeavors