Helping people and organizations grow and succeed is an important element of what I do.

By in large, my advisory work falls into three categories: Product & Service Advisory Activities; Governance, Steering & Advisory Boards; and Review & Task Force Activities. Highlights of that work are listed below.

Product & Service Advisory Activities

  1. Coursedog, Inc.
    (2019) Curriculum Planning and services in higher education
  2. Thinktiv, Inc.
    (2018) Education subject matter expert and advisor.
  3. ALTR Solutions, LLC.
    (2017-2018) Higher education advisor/resource to founder and CTO, James Beecham.
  4. Lingk, LLC.
    (2015-present) Higher education market advisor.
  5. Blackboard Corporate Strategy Team (Mobile)
    (2013) Member, mobile subgroup led and sponsored by Kayvon Beykpour, former General Manager of Blackboard Mobile.
  6. Packback, Inc.
    (2014-2015) Higher education advisor/resource to co-founder, Mike Shannon.
  7. Herman-Miller, Inc.
    (2004-2005) Future of work/learning advisor to product research.
  8. Blackboard, Inc.
    (1999-2005) Client advisor/resource to the co-founders and senior executives of corporate leadership.
  9. WebCheckout, Inc.
    (1999-2002) Client advisor/resource to senior executives of corporate leadership.
  10. Bungie, Inc.
    (1993) Media production advisor/resource to co-founders, Alexander Seropian and Jason Jones.

Governance, Steering & Advisory Boards

  1. Jamestown Arts Center
    (2014-present) Technology advisor and past member of the Arts Park design steering committee.
  2. CHAIN Advisory Board
    (2009-2010) Founding member of the Coalition of Humanities & Arts Infrastructures & Networks coordinating organization.
  3. CLARIN International Advisory Board
    (2009-2010) Member of the international advisory board of the “Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure” project (CLARIN) of the European Union.
  4. Project Bamboo Executive Committee
    (2008-2010) Member, co-director, principal investigator. University of Chicago and the University of California, Berkeley.
  5. IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC), Sponsor Executive Committee (SEC)
    (2003-2007) Vice-Chair of both the IEEE LTSC and the SEC.

Review & Task Force Activities

  1. Classroom.NEXT Selection Committee
    (2010-2011) Jury member for the Classroom.NEXT competition for the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at Texas Wesleyan University. 
  2. IT Assessment Steering Committee
    (2009) Internal and external information technology process review conducted by the McKinsey & Company. University of Chicago.
  3. Institutional Reaccreditation Research Infrastructure Self-Study Subcommittee
    (2004-2006) North Central Association of Colleges & Schools Institutional Reaccreditation, internal review. University of Chicago.
  4. Center for Instructional Technology External Review Committee
    (2004) Committee Chair. External review conducted for the library of Duke University.
  5. LCME Education Self-Study Subcommittee
    (2003-2004) Liaison Committee on Medical Education Medical School Reaccreditation. Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago.